The United States International Council on Disabilities (USICD) is a Washington, DC area based 501(c)3 non-profit.


Here are just a few of the countries we’ve impacted: Armenia, Burma, Guatemala, Hungary, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Mozambique, Vietnam

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Did You Know…

People with disabilities experience significantly lower rates of primary school completion and fewer mean years of education than people without disabilities, and there is
evidence that this gap may be growing. Children with disabilities are also less likely to start school and constitute a major group among out-of-school children (World Bank)
Child with a disability
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Your Membership = Strengthened Advocacy
Department of State


USICD is advocating for a permanent Office of International Disability Rights with an Ambassador-level Special Advisor on International Disability Rights with staff and funding


USICD is advocating for a permanent Disability Coordinator, a revised disability inclusion policy that mandates inclusion across all USAID programs and that no funds should be used in any way that segregates people with disabilities.

United Nations

Via our UN Consultative States, with the UN Economic and Social Council (highest status granted by the UN to NGOs) & many other subsidiary bodies, we educate and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities globally.

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