Internship Program

An intern sits in front of her computer at her host organization.
USICD Intern, Hannah Chadwick, working at her computer

Young people with disabilities experience multiple barriers when seeking careers in international development, foreign affairs, and in global STEM fields. With this in mind, USICD believes it is critical to design and implement internship programs that demonstrate to both young undergraduate and graduate students and potential employers the true potential of these talented individuals.

Since 2013, USICD has hosted a nine-week summer internship program for between 6 to 10 undergraduate and graduate level students with disabilities who come from all over the country. Our first program ran from 2013-2017, with 33 interns placed in international development and foreign affairs organizations in the surrounding Washington, DC area.

Our program is designed to provide interns with the opportunity to develop their leadership and employability skills. Before going to their host organizations, they receive a week-long orientation and volunteer professional mentors provide guidance during their internship experience. This program serves as the catalyst to assist interns with pursuing a career path in international development and STEM careers.

USICD is seeking sponsors to partner with us and help provide an enriching internship experience to young people with disabilities. We have host organizations eager to receive new interns with disabilities. And, from their experience as host organizations in the past, they have shared their commitments to incorporate disability inclusive strategies in their work and in their hiring practices.

Hosting one intern with a disability has a positive ripple effect that is far reaching and opens doors to employment! Contact us to learn more about sponsoring or hosting an intern.

Read testimonials from our program alumni on our blog site.

USICD Internship Program Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser

Get started today by signing up to start peer-to-peer fundraising for USICD and help support and sustain our internship program for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities. Visit our USICD Internship Program Campaign page!