Internships and Foreign Visitors

USICD is proud of the leadership role that the U.S. has played in the international disability rights movement.  Leaders like USICD President, Dr. Patricia Morrissey, Past President, Marca Bristo, and Board Member, Judith Heumann, have let the world by example and by guiding foreign policy in long and lusterous careers that began in their youth.  To continue the movement and America's role as a leader, USICD strives to develop the next generation of leaders.

In 2013, USICD launched the Youth in International Development and Affiars program, an internship program to inspire youth involvement in international affairs and development careers.  This program formally engaged USICD's goal of incorporating a disability perspective in all foreign affairs issues. USICD has applied for program funding for 2019-2021 and hopes to continue supporing youth involvement in international affairs and development careers but also has plans to expand the program to include youth pursuing STEM careers in global companies. 

USICD conducts advocacy, education, and international relations programs.  All initiatives engage the USICD membership and build bridges with the international disability community.

Please visit the following pages to learn about these programs.

CRPD Outreach and Advovacy

USICD has conducted a variety of outreach and education activities to raise awareness and knowledge of human rights in general and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) specifically.  To learn more about our past activities please visit our  CRPD Outreach and Education page here.

USICD is a leading voice in advocating for United States ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  Learn how we are working with advocates around America to raise awareness and understanding of this important treaty.  To learn more please visit our CRPD Ratification Advocacy page here.

Global Disability Rights Library

USICD is collaborating with the University of Iowa’s WiderNet Project to produce and distribute a Global Disability Rights Library for use in both developed and developing countries. The project will make use of innovative off-line digital iformation storage technology to deliver the library to users who do not have Internet access.  Learn more about the GDRL.

Disability in U.S. Foreign Affairs

USICD is committed to advocating for disability inclusion in all aspects of United States' Foreign Affairs, through diplomatic initiatives in the State Department, foreign assistance through USAID, and through the collaborative initiatives of other government agencies.  To see here.

Disabled Peoples' International

USICD is the national assembly of the United States in Disabled Peoples' International, a cross-disability, consumer-controlled international organization of people with disabilities in over 130 countries around the world.  To learn more please visit our Disabled Peoples' International page here.

Rehabilitation International

Rehabilitation International (RI) is a global network of people with disabilities, service providers, researchers, government agencies and advocates promoting and implementing the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities.  USICD is the national membership organization of the United States in RI.  To learn more please visit our Rehabilitation International page here.