Membership in the U.S. International Council on Disabilities is open to a variety of organizations and individuals in the U.S. and its territories. As a USICD member, you will be contributing to the work we are doing to promote equality, inclusion and the human rights of people with disabilities worldwide. We will keep you apprised of opportunities to be directly involved in USICD committees, programs and advocacy initiatives, as well as conferences and events. Join the global disability movement through USICD today!

Download USICD's 2014 Membership form at the right of this page.

Membership Details

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Members

USICD’s core membership is made up of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), some of which are national organizations with large memberships and others that are smaller in scope. Their common bond is that they are committed to promoting equality, inclusion, empowerment and the human rights of people with disabilities worldwide. Most of our NGO members are disability-related organizations.  However, diversity is one of USICD’s core values and we are eager to expand our circle to involve a range of stakeholders from other civil society movements, international development actors, and for-profit entities.
The annual dues for Organization Members are $300.

Individual Advocates

USICD membership is also open to individuals who share our vision. We know that there are many individuals who are deeply committed to international disability rights but, for a variety of reasons, may not have the opportunity to participate in USICD through an organization. In these cases, we invite advocates to join USICD in their individual capacity.
The annual dues for Individual Members are $25.

US Government Agencies

United States foreign policy and international development efforts have a vast reach and impact lives in every corner of the world. Ensuring that our US foreign policies, plans and programs are fully reflective of our national values and our national laws on disability is a very difficult task. USICD is committed to linking government stakeholders to the wealth of experience, expertise and technical assistance resources our members have to offer. By joining USICD, these government agencies demonstrate their commitment to ensuring accessibility and inclusion in their global efforts.
Dues for Government Members vary and are negotiated between USICD and the prospective member.