3.3 Inclusive Health: Disability Inclusion in COVID19 Response in the Dimension of International Development


Intended Audience: Persons with disabilities, Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs), Local Governments, Local NGOs, International NGOs, International governmental organizations (INGOs), Donor organizations (National, international) Download this module for your training purposes. Please note: Credit should be given to the US International Council on Disabilities and Rehabilitation International. Important Resources:

Key Learning Objectives in this module:

  1. Understand the legal basis for disability inclusion in COVID19 response and health programs.
  2. Consider the barriers that persons with disabilities face in the context of COVID19 response.
  3. Identify entry points for OPD engagement in COVID19 response.
  4. Review emerging good practices in ensuring access to COVID response for persons with disabilities in international cooperation programs.

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