2.1 Article 32 and the Right to an Education (Article 24)


Intended Audience: Persons with disabilities, Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs), Local Governments (especially law enforcement personnel), Local NGOs, International NGOs, International governmental organizations (INGOs), Donor organizations (National, international)

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Please note: Credit should be given to the US International Council on Disabilities and Rehabilitation International. Important Resources:

Key Learning Objectives in this module:

  1. Define the right to education
  2. Explain the importance of education for persons with disabilities
  3. Identify how the rights of persons with disabilities to education have been promoted or denied
  4. Understand different perspectives on inclusive and special education
  5. Seek strategies to advance the right of persons with disabilities to participate in education
  6. Understand the provisions on education in CRPD

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