Global Disability Rights Library


Welcome to the Global Disability Rights Library!

What We Are

The Global Disability Rights Library (GDRL) project is a global effort to enable disability rights advocates to transform society.  The GDRL team has built a large collection of digital knowledge on disability rights and related topics.  Since 2012, we have disseminated this knowledge to 60 organizations in 12 developing countries where people have limited web access.  Recipients can now use this knowledge in promoting human rights and fighting poverty among people with disabilities in their local communities.  We are using an innovative form of off-line digital storage technology, called eGranary Digital Libraries, to reach people beyond the reach of the internet.

Who We Are

The GDRL is a joint initiative of the United States International Council on Disabilities (USICD) and the University of Iowa’s WiderNet Project . We received funding support from the United States Agency for International development (USAID) and are now seeking new funding to continue this important project. 

The GDRL team also works with many organizations and individuals around the world to make the GDRL project a success.  Hundreds of organizations have contributed their websites and other digital content to the GDRL.  Volunteers and interns have helped build the library.  A total of 60 organizations, universities, agencies, or individual advocates in developing countries will use the GDRL inside their eGranary Digital Libraries.  They will make sure library content reaches a large audience of local users. An increasing number of organizations and individuals have written letters endorsing the GDRL project.

Learning about the GDRL

If you’re new to the GDRL, then you may wish to start with our GDRL FAQs.  The FAQs include: a basic overview of the GDRL project, suggestions for the kind of digital content we want, information helpful for organizations interested in competing for a free copy of the library, and guidance for people interested in volunteering.  You also can find information packets, media releases, and announcements in the GDRL downloads page

For additional news and information about the GDRL project, please explore some of our sub-pages.  You can find pages for news and media releases, a message from the GDRL program manager, and information about the International Advisory Board for the GDRL. 

Of course, please contact us to share feedback or ask questions.