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USICD has launched a blog to provide a forum for more in depth analysis and reflection on important issues relating to disability rights.  The blog will be updated frequently and will feature posts by USICD Board Members, Staff, Guest bloggers, and more.  

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My Perspective on Why It Is Important for the U.S. to Ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), by Della Leonor
I believe what is essential is the unity that it shows when a country decides to ratify the Convention. Ratification--and subsequent implementation--will allow for more benefits and comprehensive rights for persons with disabilities in the US and enhance the already existing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

International Day of Persons with Disabilities – Executive Director, Isabel Hodge
2017 Theme: Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all Sunday was the annual observance of the International Day of Disabled Persons. It aims to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development, and to increase awareness of the situation of persons with disabilities in every aspect […]

Message from Isabel Hodge, New USICD Executive Director
By Isabel Hodge, USICD Executive Director Dear UISCD Members and Friends, I am beginning my third month as the new Executive Director of USICD and I have never been busier! As a part of our Disability in Public Policy (DIPP) project, I have had productive meetings with four key Members of the House (the Co-Chairs […]

Untold Story: I am the Present and Future Story of Those Who Inspire Me
Almost everyone I meet asks me the same question: what was the difference between living in Hatton, Alabama and Arkhangelsk, Russia? The one aspect I never addressed was the difference in people's facial expressions when they met me for the first time.

Trial by Fire: Rising Phoenix
Recently, I presented to the Education Practice team at the World Bank

The 27th Birthday of the Americans with Disabilities Act
By USICD President, Dr. Patricia Morrissey Twenty-seven years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to draft amendments, along with my colleague, Randy Johnson, now with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, that were retained in the law. The ADA not only transformed communities but recalibrated […]

Why International Development Students Need to Take Disability Studies
When I was 10 years old, my mom and I spent one month in the Philippines to visit relatives.

First Time for Everything
Being in USICD’s internship program gave me an opportunity to stay in the George Washington University Potomac House dorm, where I was assigned to be roommates with fellow cohort, Janelle Lyons!

From Inside the Classroom to Saving Lives
Many students graduate college and start to work. They quickly realize that everything they have learned in school is useless for their current profession

Fears and Rewards
I’ll admit that I had a certain amount of apprehension before moving to Washington, D.C., for my internship with NDI through the USICD's internship program.