Board of Directors


Marca Bristo, President
Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago
Chicago, IL 
Marca Bristo is President and CEO of Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago’s center for independent living.  She served as the Chair of the National Council on Disability, and the President of the National Council on Independent Living.

Lex Frieden, Vice President
Texas Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
Houston, TX 
Lex Frieden is Professor of Health Informatics and Professor of Rehabilitation at the University of Texas at Houston.  He has been a leader in the independent living movement since the 1970s and has received two Presidential Citations for his work in the disability field. 

John Lancaster, Past President
Washington, DC 
John Lancaster is the former Executive Director of the National Council on Independent Living.

Glen White, Secretary
Research and Training Center on Independent Living
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS
Dr. White is Director of the Research and Training Center on Independent Living at the University of Kansas and has worked in the field of rehabilitation and independent living for more than 30 years.  Since 1997, he has conducted research and training to build capacity and disability leadership in Peru.

David Hutt, Treasurer
Senior Staff Attorney
National Disability Rights Network
Washington, DC
David Hutt is senior staff attorney at the National Disability Rights Network.  He has provided training and manages the Representative Payee Review Project, and works on issues related to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Anita Aaron
Executive Director
World Institute
Berkley, CA
Anita Shafer Aaron is Executive Director of World Institute on Disability, an international policy institute and think tank focused on economic growth and inclusive participation of people with disabilities.  Aaron’s background includes mediation/conflict resolution and building leadership teams of people with disabilities.

Ann Cody
Director, Policy and Global Outreach
BlazeSport America
Atlanta, GA
Ann Cody is Director of Policy and Global Outreach with BlazeSports America.  She is a leading international advocate on sport and human rights for people with disabilities, and has spearheaded international initiatives focused on the rights of girls and women with disabilities in sport. 

Tony Coelho
Life Without Limits
Arlington, VA   
The Honorable Tony Coelho is the Chair of the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and Life without Limits.  He is a former U.S. Congressman from the state of California who authored the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Jill Houghton
Executive Director
US Business Leadership Network
Jill Houghton is the Executive Director of the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN ) and most recently served as the Executive Director of the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Advisory Panel.

Axel Leblois
President and Executive Director
Axel Leblois is the President and Executive Director of G3ict, the global initiative for inclusive ICT’s, spent over 20 years as the helm of international technology companies in the United States, and served as a Senior Special Fellow of the United nations Institute on Training and research

Barbara LeRoy
Developmental Disabilities Institute
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI
Dr. LeRoy is the Director of the Developmental Disabilities Institute at Wayne State University in Detroit.  She is a disability consultant to the Ministries of Education in New Zealand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Susan Mazrui
Director of Public Policy
Susan Mazui is the Director of Public Policy of AT&T. She has served on two terms of the Federal Communications Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee, as well as on the national advisory committees of the Telecommunications Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center and the Information Technology Technical Assistance and Training Center (ITTATC).

Dr. Patricia Morrissey
Consultant, Disability Policy
Dr. Morrissey is the former Commissioner of the Administration on Developmental Disabilities within the Administration for Family and Children in the US Department on Health and Human Services.  She is currently a consultant on disability policy.

David W. Oaks
Executive Director
MindFreedom International
Eugene, OR 
David Oaks is the Executive Director of MindFreedom International, an independent coalition working for human rights for people diagnosed with psychiatric disabilities.  For 34 years, David has been a community organizer advocating for improvements in the mental health system, including better human rights protections and more humane alternatives for mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors.

Stephanie Ortoleva
President and Founder
Women Enabled, Inc.
Stephanie Ortoleva is an international human rights lawyer, researcher and consultant and is the President and Founder of Women Enabled, Inc., a Non-Governmental Organization which educates and advocates for the rights of all women and persons with disabilities with a special focus on women and girls with disabilities through collaborations with organizations of women and girls with disabilities around the world.

Jeff Rosen
General Counsel
Washington, DC
Jeff Rosen is General Counsel for ZVRS.  For seven years, he was the General Counsel and Director of Policy for the National Council on Disability and now serves as their Chairman.

Eric Rosenthal
Executive Director
Disability Rights International
Washington, DC 
Eric Rosenthal is the founder and Executive Director of Disability Rights International, which has exposed human rights atrocities inside institutions for people with mental disabilities internationally.

Randy Rutta
Executive Vice President, Public Affairs
Easter Seals, Inc.,
Washington, DC 
Randy Rutta is Executive Vice President of Public Affairs at Easter Seals, Inc.  He has been a key leader in advocating for making transportation systems more accessible to people with disabilities.

Diana Samarasan
Director, Disability Rights Fund
Boston, MA 
Diana Samarasan is the director of the Disability Rights Fund, a grant maker to disabled people’s organizations in developing countries that are advocating for improved implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 


Betsy Valnes
Executive Director
National Youth Leadership Network
Bethesda, MD
Betsy Valnes has been a contributing member of the disability community since 1991, serving as a self-advocate, an activist, a support person, a community development professional, and a policy making contributor. Her Master’s studies focused on international human rights laws/initiatives for marginalized communities and the roles of individual people in such progressive movements.

Aubrey Webson
Perkins International
Watertown, MA
Aubrey Webson is the director of Perkins International. He has served in various capacities with several international organizations including: Sightsavers International UK, Helen Keller International NY, and the World Blind Union. He has written policy papers on inclusive education for the World Bank and has led social analysis initiatives for the Danish government.

Tom Zampieri
National Director of Government Relations
Blind Veterans of America
Tom Zampiri is the National Director of Government Relations for the Blind Veterans of America and worked in health care for 25 years. His work has resulted in the expansion of the VA  Continuum of Care for blind and low vision veterans’ outpatient programs opening 55 new programs with 237 employees.

Government Representatives

David Baquis
The Access Board
Washington, DC 
David Baquis is an Accessibility Specialist in the Access Board’s Office of Technical and Information Services, an independent US federal agency that promotes accessibility for people with disabilities.  He was formerly Director of the National Center on Assistive Technology.

Joan Durocher
General Counsel and Director of Policy
National Council on Disability
Washington, DC 
Joan Durocher is currently serving as the Executive Director of the National Council on Disability, an independent federal agency that advises the President and Congress about issues of importance to people with disabilities.

Marcie Roth
Office of Disability Integration and Coordination
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC
Marcie Roth is the Director of the Office of Disability Integration and Coordination at FEMA.  She has held leadership positions with the National Coalition for Disability Rights, National Spinal Cord Injury Association, National Council on Independent Living and TASH.

Sue Swenson,
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Office on Special Edcuation and Rehabilitation Services (OSERS)
Department of Education
Washington, DC

Meredith DeDona,
Program Specialist
Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP)
Department of Labor
Washington, DC

U.S. Department of Transportation
Washington, DC