David Morrissey, MPS
Executive Director

David Morrissey presents at a podium. A large glass wall is behind him, through which blurry colored lights can be seen.As Executive Director of the United States International Council on Disabilities and 15 years of leadership in the nonprofit disability advocacy and services sector, David Morrissey has worked to advance missions of disability rights, HIV/AIDS care and prevention, independent living, and community volunteerism.  He has presented internationally on developing disabled people’s organizations and the transition to adulthood for youth with disabilities.  He is an experienced facilitator of consumer dialogue, training, and consensus processes.  He has consulted in a variety of countries on building disability stakeholder coalitions.  He has implemented programs that have engaged disability leaders, allied human rights advocates, and young professionals from both the United States and for international visitors.  He has managed projects from the local to global level, employs a visionary leadership approach, and is focused on achieving real outcomes with his partners.  He has also served as a board member and Treasurer for a Center on Independent Living and is currently on the board of the Spina Bifida Assocation of America.

Isabel Hodge
Deputy Director

Light skinned woman with shoulder-length medium brown hair wearing a dark t-shirt smiles at cameraIsabel Hodge is a native of Scotland and a Marine Corps veteran. She was a Senior Program Analyst at the Department of Defense’s Office of Special Needs for over ten years. The Office of Special Needs develops the policy and has oversight for the DoD’s special education and early intervention program and the DoD Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).  

She completed a Federal detail to the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) in the Office of the Commissioner. While at AIDD, she co-authored the DD Act regulations; authored the 2012-2017 Strategic Framework, and conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis of over 4,000 public comments. As an installation EFMP manager, she conducted complex case management for military families with special needs and was a specialist at the Headquarters Marine Corps’ EFMP.

Many of you may know Isabel because she has been a passionate advocate for ratification of the CPRD for several years. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to less resourced countries to provide adjustable pediatric wheelchairs to children with disabilities. She has three adult children and her family is hosting a young man from Iraq who is currently seeking asylum.  Isabel’s middle child, Allistair, is an adult who has autism. Isabel is also the spouse of a disabled veteran.

Andrea Shettle, MSW, MA
Program Manager

Photo of Andrea Shettle

Andrea Shettle brings to USICD her passion for information exchange and dissemination in relation to disability rights and believes that the right knowledge in the hands of the right leaders can transform society.  Prior to working at USICD, she helped the Center on International Programs and Services at Gallaudet University launch their World Deaf Information Resource Project website.  She also spent five years at the executive office of the World Bank as a junior speech writer.  Her work at USICD has included facilitating the Global Disability Rights Library project, coordinating USICD's Youth in International Development and Foreign Affairs internship program, and assisting with the RightsNow! project.