Successful Lobbying for Disability Rights in China

April 14, 2012

Disabled persons in China successfully lobby NPC and CPPCC members on disability discrimination


Beijing Yirenping Centre

(Beijing, China – 11 April 2012)


DISABLED persons in China are forging a new path in disability reform by successfully lobbying NPC and CPPCC members with assistance from Beijing Yirenping Centre.


In the lead up to the March 2012 annual sessions of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), disabled persons in various Chinese cities lobbied representatives of the NPC and CPPCC with their concerns in relation to disability discrimination.


One such disabled person was Yang Renliang, a visually impaired, English major graduate from Guizhou University. Yang Renliang has suffered constant discrimination due to his visual impairment, both at University and whilst applying for jobs.


Photo of Yang Renliang, holding a suggestion letter to State Administration of Civil Servant in Auguest,2011


Prior to the March 2012 annual sessions, and with the assistance of Beijing Yirenping Centre, Yang Renliang submitted eight points for disability reform to NPC and CPPCC members. These points for reform included calls for government agencies to take the lead in employing disabled persons in accordance with the legislated 1.5% mandatory employment quota; disabled persons to enjoy half-price train tickets; and improved accessibility for disabled persons on trains.

The concerns of the disabled persons, including Yang Renliang, were subsequently developed into key proposals submitted by NPC and CPPCC members in the March 2012 annual sessions. This drew widespread public attention and was reported by more than 10 domestic media organisations.


A summary of the disability proposals put forward by NPC and CPPCC members in the March 2012 annual sessions are as follows:


  • CPCC member Yu Bing proposes equal opportunity for disabled persons in civil service:

Yu Bing, member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice-chairman of the China Deaf People Association and member of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, submitted that the employment and livelihood of disabled persons is a community concern, but our government administration does not set a good example in promoting the employment of disabled persons. As a result, other agencies and private enterprises are not inspired to make positive changes.


On this basis, Yu Bing made six suggestions for disability reform, including: introduction of regulations requiring mandatory reporting of the number of disabled persons employed in government agencies; the creation and reservation of special positions for disabled persons in government agencies; the removal of the option to pay a fine for non-compliance with the mandatory quota; publishing information concerning dates of employment of disabled persons; and increasing the accessibility of the civil service exam for disabled persons.


  • CPPCC member Zhu Zhengfu proposes improved accessibility to railway stations for disabled persons:

Zhu Zhengfu, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice-chairman of the China National Lawyer's Association, proposed better accessibility and improved facilities in railway stations for disabled persons, especially for long distance trips. This proposal included conducting trainings for specialized train personnel for disabled persons and publishing a schedule for disabled persons.


  • NPC member Yan Jianguo calls for improved employment policies for disabled persons:

Yan Jianguo, deputy to the NPC and vice-chairman of the Jiangsu Rugao Disabled Persons Federation, proposed that it should be the duty of governments at all levels to provide free vocational training for disabled persons. He said government agencies, state-owned enterprises and departments should set an example to eliminate barriers for disabled persons by taking the lead to fulfill mandatory employment quotas of disabled persons.


Yan Jianguo also said that various restrictive regulations concerning the employment of disabled persons should be abolished. He appealed for the The Regulations on the Construction of a Barrier-free Environment (Draft) (“the Regulations”) to be implemented as soon as possible in order to clearly define the duties of responsible government departments. The Regulations have been revised, with an improved definition of government responsibility.


  • NPC member Sun Shujun proposes half price train tickets for disabled persons; government agencies should take the lead to employ disabled persons:

Sun Shujun, Deputy to the NPC and deputy secretary and vice-chairman of the Party Group of Shenyang Disabled Persons Federation, submitted “the Ministry of Railway should be positive and introduce policies protecting the right of travel for disabled persons”. She appealed to the Ministry of Railway to offer half-price train tickets for disabled persons. 


Sun Shujun also proposed that government agencies should take the lead to employ disabled persons as civil servants, with posts reserved for disabled persons in civil servants exams each year. The Ministry of Human Resources and Society Security should also introduce regulations to implement mandatory reporting of the number of disabled persons employed.


In terms of promoting accessibility, Sun Shujun called for the introduction of the Accessibility Promotion Regulation as soon as possible.


  • NPC member Pan Haoxuan suggests Ministry of Railways should promote service for people with disabilities

Pan Haoxuan, Deputy to the NPC, proposed that the Ministry of Railway should release definite plans and schedules to the public for promoting accessible services to disabled persons. Pan Haoxuan points out that both the Law on the Protection of Disabled Persons and the Regulations on Construction of Accessible Environments require the Ministry of Railway to be responsible for providing accessible facilities and necessary assistance to disabled persons for buying tickets, entering/exiting stations and travelling on trains. Pan Haoxuan also called for services on trains for disabled persons to be enhanced, including training of train staff in increasing accessibility for disabled persons.


  • NPC member Cai Qi says micro-blog is “loud-speaker” of popular opinion

Cai Qi, Deputy to the NPC, member of Zhejiang Standing Committee and minister of the Organisation Department, said he collected suggestions for the March 2012 annual sessions from his micro-blog[1] and complied 50 suggestions that had popular support. These included proposals for the government to establish an allowance for unemployed disabled persons; to implement an insurance system for unemployed disabled persons; to promote accessible facilities for disabled persons; and to provide disabled persons with half-price train tickets. 


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