International Networking Site for Disabled Youth Launches

January 11, 2013

International Network for Disabled Youth, known as
“INDYspace” (, an online network
dedicated to connecting young disabled people aged 16-30 from around the
world, has been officially launched. The website, funded by Oxfam
Australia through their Oxfam International Youth Partnerships (OIYP)
programme, is the first of its kind in bringing young disabled people
together on a global level. It enables users to sign up and share their
experiences through the posting of blogs, pictures and videos, as well
as providing information on a range of relevant topics including
disability rights, independent living, travel and transport, and
inclusion and accessibility, acting as both a network and an information
base to which users can contribute. It is hoped that in the long-term,
the site can provide informative, user-run webinars and interactive
online video conferences. There is a strong dedication to making the
site both ascetic and accessible to its users, with recommendations
given by a web accessibility consultant currently being implemented.
The founders of the website, Erin Gough from New Zealand and Zara Todd
from the United Kingdom, who first met at an Oxfam international youth
conference two years ago, embody the site mission of enabling young
disabled people to work together across borders, constructing the site
from opposite sides of the globe. When asked why the pair created the
website, Zara Todd commented “We saw that there was a gap, online
and literally within the international sector for young disabled people
to connect to one another. We wanted a way for young disabled people to
all become stronger, to enable them to find solutions together to the
barriers that they face as young disabled people, regardless of what
country they’re in.” Erin Gough added that the site was
“made by young disabled people, for young disabled people”
and that she hoped users would take the opportunity to both use and
share the site, as “the more of a global force we are, the more
global change will be created”. For more information on
INDYspace, visit, “like” or email