G3ict New White Paper: AT&T’s Corporate Accessibility Technology Office: An Industry Model

October 17, 2013
Source: G3ict

Summary: New white paper explores AT&T’s efforts to address digital accessibility across the company, empowering employees to excel for the business, and provide solutions for users of all abilities.



Since the adoption of the CRPD in 2006, tech and telecom companies have taken steps to promote technologies that answer the needs of users of all abilities. AT&T has implemented proactive policies both internally and on the marketplace to ensure that products and services are accessible. AT&T Corporate Accessibility Technology Office (CATO) is another example of a positive and constructive approach to digital accessibility. The paper explores the inner workings of CATO, an organization within AT&T charged with ensuring that AT&T’s product and service develop cycles consider the accessibility of persons with disabilities, and highlights how it enables AT&T workers to continue their jobs and thrive, all while pushing the business forward.


The White Paper is available for download as a PDF on G3ict’s Publications page. Here’s the link: http://g3ict.org/resource_center/publications_and_reports/p/productCategory_books/subCat_3/id_302.