CRPD Based Budget Analysis of National and Local Budgets

February 23, 2012

One of the common and recurrent challenges for the advocacy of Disabled People Organisations and their allies for the implementation of the CRDP is the difficulty to engage in analysis of national and local budget from a disability rights perspective. The lack of tools and related skills and knowledge of DPOs prevent them to advocate for adequate allocation of resources and to monitor effectively of progressive realisation of many provisions of the CRPD.

Whether at UN agencies level, development banks, OECD and at national level, there is no commonly accepted approach or tools to either plan or track disability rights related expenditures, which undermine adequate costing and resourcing, comprehensive monitoring of CRPD implementation, as well as within MDG implementation, social protection policies.

In order to cope with this issue, the International Disability Alliance has initiated a pilot project within its capacity building program supported by the Open Society Foundations, DPOD and CBM, aiming at supporting both the Philippines Coalition for The CRPD and the Indian National Disability Network to conduct disability rights budget analysis. Those two national initiatives are paired with coalitions’ work on CRPD parallel reporting and will lead to the creation of first tools and methods enabling CRPD compliant disability rights budget analysis. Those local initiatives are carried out in partnership with Social Watch Philippines (SWP) and the Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA) in Delhi.

The initial phase will tackle issues related to the analysis of public expenditures including tax expenditures and public procurement, policy gaps, fiscal decentralization, and impact of disability related gate-keeping mechanisms. The costing component and deeper analysis of expenditures effectiveness will be carried out in a second phase.

A first technical exchange workshop between Indian and Philippines initiatives will take place in Bangkok the 17-18 March 2012.

We will post regular updates of those initiatives.

If your organization is actively engaged in such budgeting work and/or if you want to share or get more information, you can contact IDA capacity building program coordinator, Alexandre Cote at