Compilation of 11th Session of CRPD Committee c/o IDA

April 23, 2014
Source: International Disability Alliance

The CRPD Committee's list of issues adopted with respect to MexicoGermanyKoreaBelgiumDenmarkNew Zealand and Ecuador. are now posted on its website (also attached).


Please see the compilation of information and documents from the Committee's 11th session and 1st pre-session below.


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CRPD Committee's 11th session (31 March- 11 April) and 1st pre-session (14-17 April)


The CRPD Committee’s 11th session took place from 31 March to 11 April.  During the first week of the 11th session, interactive dialogues were held with Sweden, Azerbaijan and Costa Rica.  The Committee met in closed sessions to adopt the Concluding Observations on Sweden, Azerbaijan and Costa Rica, as well as the list of issues on Mexico.


During the second week, the Committee conducted public readings of the draft General Comments on Articles 12 and 9 respectively.  On Tuesday 8 April, the Committee adopted its first ever general comment- General Comment no 1 on Article 12 (equal recognition before the law).  And on Wednesday 9 April, the Committee adopted General Comment no 2 on Article 9 (accessibility).  The Committee decided to establish an online database on implementation of supported decision-making under Article 12.


In addition, the Committee adopted its views with respect to two individual communications, Liliane Gröninger v Germany (no 2/2010) and X v Argentina (no 8/2012), as well as its Guidelines on participation of NHRIs, disabled persons’ organisations and other civil society organisations (which will be shortly posted on the Committee’s website). 


All public sessions, including the opening, reviews of Sweden, Azerbaijan and Costa Rica and the public readings of the draft General Comments on Articles 12 and 9 were webcast live by IDA and have been archived for subsequent viewing.


Further, the following public side events were also webcast live and archived for subsequent viewing:

Following the 11th session, the Committee held its first pre-session week from 14-17 April during which it adopted list of issues on Germany, Korea, Belgium, Denmark, New Zealand and Ecuador.

11th session and 1st pre-session related documents and information:

CRPD Committee

IDA summaries

DPO submissions


Webcast archives

  • Opening of 11th session


Spanish & International Sign

  • Review of Sweden 


French & International Sign

  • Review of Azerbaijan 


English & International Sign

  • Review of Costa Rica 


English, International Sign and Costa Rican national sign language

  • Reading of General Comment on Article 12


Spanish & International Sign

  • Reading of General Comment on Article 9


Spanish & International Sign




12th and future sessions: 

  • The 12th session will take place from 15 September to 3 October 2014 during which the Committee will review Mexico, Korea, Belgium, Denmark, New Zealand and Ecuador, and adopt the list of issues on Croatia, Czech Republic and Turkmenistan.  A pre-sessional week will be held from 6-10 October during which the list of issues will be adopted on UK and the Dominican Republic.
  • The 13th session will take place from 13-24 April 2015, followed by the 3rd pre-sessional working group from 27 -30 April 2015.  At the 13th session, the Committee will hold a day of general discussion on Article 19 and Article 24 in view of elaborating General Comments on these two provisions.
  • The 14th session will take place from 14 September- 2 October 2015, followed by the 4th pre-sessional working group from 5-9 October 2015.


Country rapporteurs have been designated for upcoming country reviews as follows:

  • Croatia- Theresia Degener
  • Czech Republic- Damjan Tatic
  • UK- Stig Langvad
  • Turkmenistan- Laszlo Lovaszy
  • Dominican Republic- Silvia Quan
  • Mongolia- Hyung Shik Kim
  • Cook Islands- Diane Mulligan
  • Kenya- Martin Babu Mwesigwa
  • Brazil- Theresia Degener
  • Mauritius- Safak Pavey

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the IDA secretariat:

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