CBM International's March Newsletter

April 8, 2013
Source: CBM International

CBM International Advocacy and Alliances Newsletter     

March 2013      Number 4

Promoting an inclusive post Millenium Development Goal (MDG) agenda

CBM Germany and CBM International Advocacy and Alliances (IAA) department were selected amongst 3000 applicants to participate in a conference ‘Advancing the post-2015 sustainable development agenda’ held in Bonn, hosted by the Berlin Civil Society Centre from 20-22nd March.  The conference brought together 300 civil society activists and representatives from key stakeholders to offer inputs into the Sustainable Development and Post-2015 discussions, to learn from each other and to agree on joint demands and strategy for a post-2015 development agenda.  CBM had provided information in a marketplace stand, co-chaired a thematic work session on social exclusion and inequality, and discussed disability-inclusion in other groups such as climate change and national consultations.  Sign up to statements you agree on here.

This month we have seen though, the huge need to intensify our advocacy on the post 2015 agenda. Disability was only mentioned in two out of the ten statements from the thematic work sessions at the Bonn conference. In addition, disability did not get mentioned in the communiqué from the High Level Panel meeting on the post-2015 MDGs in Bali.  This was the third and final meeting of the High Level Panel, who will submit a report containing recommendations to the United Nations Secretary-General in May 2013.  CBM’s Adrian Brahma Aditya from the Indonesia office, attended pre-meetings with civil society organisations ahead of the High Level Panel, as did Murali Padmanabhan from CBM’s South Asia Regional Office.

CBM joins Campaign, ‘Say Yes to Inclusive Development’

Together with international DPOs and NGOs, this month CBM joined the campaign ‘Say Yes to Inclusive Development’, led by Light for the World. The campaign is part of an EU project aimed at promoting inclusive development. CBM colleagues and partners around the world are now gathering photos in local sign language of our colleagues, partners, and collaborators saying ‘Yes’. You can see some of these photos on CBM International’s Facebook page, or on the campaign website: www.endexclusion.eu. The material will be presented at the High Level Meeting on Disability and Development in September this year, to demonstrate global public support to inclusive development.  

CBM International Alliances and Advocacy contact: catherine.naughton@cbm.org

Working to include the rights of persons with disabilities in international policies and programmes

CBM EU Liaison Office Newsletter  

Strengthening the disability approach in the post-2015 Agenda

After consulting a wide range of stakeholders, the European Commission (EC) published on 27 February 2013 its proposal on the post-2015 development framework. This first position outlines the EC's priorities for the post MDG agenda and paves the way for a joint EU position to be adopted by the end of May. On 19 March 2013, the European Parliament presented and debated its report, whose rapporteur is Filip Cakzmarek MEP, during its Development Committee meeting. The report, entitled 'United in Diversity" stresses the need to underpin the whole 2015 framework by a human rights-based approach; thus putting greater emphasis on equity, non discrimination, and the participation of marginalised groups. CBM welcomes this report which also includes a strong reference to persons with disabilities. "Points out those clear and measurable indicators are crucial for monitoring and reporting on progress achieved in respect of, inter alia, poverty eradication and economic and social development, and should include gender equality, disability, migration and minority status." This reference is of paramount importance as, it places disability right at the heart of the discussion, by calling on its inclusion in statistics, evaluations, and monitoring reports.

In the run-up to the decisive Council meeting at which a joint EU position will be adopted, CBM, in collaboration with other key stakeholders, will continue its work to advocate for a disability-inclusive EU position in the post 2015 world.     

The EU has the potential to bring to the UN negotiations and to the UN High Level Meeting its added value; hence, it is crucial that its position suggests concrete actions on how to eradicate poverty, promote equity, and the protection of all human rights.

CBM Attends Debate on Inequalities in the post 2015 Context

On 19th of February, CBM took part in a conference themed around inequalities in the post MDG agenda, and how the EU can contribute to make this an important component of its 2015 work. The event was organised by the Swiss Mission to the EU and brought together approximately 100 participants from political institutions, academia and media. It was an excellent opportunity to draw the audience's attention to the rights of persons with disabilities as part of the broader "inequalities agenda". 

CBM EU Liaison Office contact: lars.bosselmann@cbm.org

Working to promote the rights of persons with disabilities in the policies and programmes of the EU