Animated film in Scotland to raise awareness of CRPD

May 16, 2012

The Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Scottish Human Rights Commission have today launched a short animated film to raise awareness of the UN Disability Convention in Scotland.


The UN Disability Convention is an international agreement about the rights of disabled people.  It was drafted by and for disabled people around the world after decades of campaigning. The film features a day in the life of a disabled person, as they experience these rights - the rights to education, independent living and freedom of expression.


The UN Disability Convention makes it clear that disabled people are holders of rights not recipients of welfare and that disability can include physical disabilities, mental health, learning disabilities and sensory impairments. The UK Government, including Scotland, has been a party to the Convention since 2009. The Convention can be used to interpret both the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act.


The film has British Sign Language and captioning. It was illustrated by Ko Lik Films and produced by Glasgow Media Access Centre.  The film is free to download and distribute from either:

Film: Being part of Scotland’s story under the Disability Convention - EHRC website

UN Disability Convention animation – SHRC YouTube  


If you would like to feature the film and a short article about the Convention on your own website or newsletter please contact Laura on the contact details below.


More about the Convention, including our online seminar series, factsheets, poster and guide are available on the websites of the Commissions:

EHRC – Being part of Scotland’s story under the UN Disability Convention

SHRC – Being part of Scotland’s story under the UN Disability Convention



To feature the film and a short article on your website or newsletter and for copies of the associated publications please contact Laura Hutchison 0141 228 5956


For stills of the animation and DVD copies contact Jemma Neville / 0131 240 2985