2012 elections of the CRPD Committee will be held on 12 September

July 9, 2012

The 2012 elections of the CRPD Committee will be held at the Fifth Conference of States Parties on the morning of 12 September (see attached draft programme also available at the UN Enable website: 


The deadline for States to nominate candidates to the CRPD Committee has now passed (30 June - though it could be that new candidates are announced past this date as happened both in 2008 & 2010). 


For the 2012 elections, there are currently 16 candidates for 9 places on the Committee. 

Of those 16 candidates, 5 of them are current members going for re-election.

CRPD Committee candidates, 2012


Ms María Soledad Cisternas Reyes (Chile)


Ms Silvia Judith QUAN CHANG (Guatemala)

Ms Fatiha HADJ SALAH (Algeria)

Mr Mohammed AL-TARAWNEH (Jordan)


Mr Michel Archange Péan (Haiti)

Mr Martin Mwesigwa Babu (Uganda)

Mr László Gábor Lovászy (Hungary)

Mr Alexander Kellman (El Salvador)

Ms Diane MULLIGAN (United Kingdom)

Mr Ahmad Salih ALSIF (Saudi Arabia)

Mr Monthian BUNTAN (Thailand)

Mr Coomara PYANEANDEE (Mauritius)

Ms Hatouma GAKOU DJIKINE (Mali)

Mr Shaikh Duaij Khalifa Bin Duaij AL KHALIFA (Bahrain)

Ms Safak PAVEY (Turkey)


Candidates' CVs are available on the CRPD Committee's 2012 elections website: 



IDA has sent a questionnaire to all candidates and given a deadline of 31 July for responses to be returned, after which they will be posted on IDA's website in order to facilitate the election process and to better inform States of candidates’ expertise and experience in the field of disability rights.  


For more information on the election process (in English and Spanish), to read the IDA questionnaire sent to candidates (in English and Spanish), and to eventually read the returned responses of candidates (after 31 July), please visit IDA's website:  http://www.internationaldisabilityalliance.org/en/conference-of-states-parties