Upcoming CRPD Presentations

Education and Outreach

As the United States moves towards ratification of this historic treaty, USICD’s Education and Outreach Initiative strives to create a better understanding of the CRPD and build support among Americans with disabilities for U.S. inclusion of disability perspectives in foreign policy and foreign assistance programs.  Our activities include human rights education trainings for advocates and presentations by members of the USICD Speakers Bureau at conferences and other related venues.

Executive Director David Morrissey giving a CRPD presentation

For tools to advocate and educate around the CRPD, please visit our ADVOCACY TOOLS AND RESOURCES PAGE


In our Education and Outreach activities, USICD is guided by our commitment to the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by people with disabilities. We strive for the full inclusion and empowerment of people with disabilities and our allies to have a voice of our own In so doing, they will become effective and informed human rights advocates.  A better understanding of what the CRPD means and how it and other human rights standards are relevant to the everyday lives of people with disabilities is essential to achieve this.

In undertaking its Education and Outreach Programming activities, USICD will utilize:

  • The advice and counsel of members of the USICD Board and in particular the Committee on Education and Outreach
  • The experience and strengths of USICD members
  • Partnerships and strong working relationships with a diversity of relevant actors, including but not limited to disabled people’s organizations, centers for independent living, mainstream human rights organizations, governmental entities, inter-governmental entities, development organizations and academic institutions
  • Accessible ICT and other technologies and methodologies relevant to ensuring the accessibility of Education and Outreach Programming materials and activities.


USICD began its efforts in Community Education and Outreach with a conference in July 2009 which was jointly hosted by USICD with the US Federal Transit Administration and the American Public Transportation Association.  The conference was organized to provide information regarding the CRPD’s history, context, content and status, as well as explore aspects of the CRPD’s successful implementation in countries seeking to promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of life. Below is a report drawn from transcriptions of oral summaries provided in closing each day’s proceedings.

USCID continues its Education and Outreach to a wide audience.