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USICD has launched a blog to provide a forum for more in depth analysis and reflection on important issues relating to disability rights.  The blog will be updated frequently and will feature posts by USICD Board Members, Staff, Guest bloggers, and more.  

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International Development Needs Workers with Disabilities
I knew that the development world needed people with disabilities in the field, but I couldn’t have imagined just how much until this summer.

Optimistic for Future Opportunities
How can we bring employers seeking to hire qualified candidates together with people with disabilities who meet the required qualifications and are interested in employment?

A New Year’s Message to USICD Members for 2016
The U.S. International Council on Disabilities (USICD) has a lot to do and is looking forward to your being part of that vision. We have a very dynamic board and high-energy staff. Here's hoping that you will follow what we do, help us when you can, and ask your friends to join USICD as members.

Callie Frye’s Guide to International Development Careers
By Callie Frye: Growing up, I always felt this need to service people in need globally. It has always been a passion of mine to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity in other countries compromised by humanitarian crises. I have learned about the nonprofit sector in depth in my graduate courses at DePaul […]

Presidential Opening Remarks at USICD’s 2015 Annual Meeting
Dr. Patricia Morrissey, President of USICD's Board of Directors, delivered the following remarks at the start of USICD's 2015 annual meeting on October 8. This year, for the first time, USICD's annual meeting was held entirely by teleconference phone line.

Media Engagement Tips for Disability Advocates
By Justice Shorter As a graduate student with a concentration in Policy Advocacy and a background in communication, I have spent much of my spare time exploring every exposed or hidden corner of advocacy communications. My work this summer with Women Enabled International encouraged me to further examine media representations of women and girls with […]

Inclusion in Electoral Systems
By Lisa Guerra Every human being has a right to vote. We live in a world where voting, in general, is viewed as privilege, not a fundamental right. Why a privilege? Governments (whether democratic or constitutional monarchies) pick and choose who can and cannot exercise their civic duties for various reasons. Some excluded populations are […]

My Summer in D.C.
By Neelam Dhadankar This summer I am one of six participants in the United States International Council on Disabilities (USICD) Youth in International Development and Foreign Affairs internship program. When I first learned about USCID from my professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison, I was intrigued by their advocacy and vision of a world […]

When is it Our Turn? Achieving Disability Rights
By Dylan Hedtler-Gaudette Two recent events have gotten me to thinking about some important issues vis-à-vis the community of persons with disabilities (PWD) in the United States. As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and bask in the glorious afterglow of the recent Supreme Court decision […]

Media Misrepresentations of Women & Girls With Disabilities
By Justice Shorter We are leaders. We are mothers. We are scientists. We are doctors. We are lawyers. We are entrepreneurs/businesswomen. We are veterans. We are your classmates. We are your colleagues We live in your communities. Our thoughts are credible. Our contributions are undeniable. There are millions of us. Can you see us? Do […]