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USICD has launched a blog to provide a forum for more in depth analysis and reflection on important issues relating to disability rights.  The blog will be updated frequently and will feature posts by USICD Board Members, Staff, Guest bloggers, and more.  

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YIDA Intern Shares the Colors from Kenya
There is an almost indescribable appeal to being in Nairobi, Kenya. The trees are lush and verdant, birds with vibrant feathers and obnoxious calls abound, and brightly colored flowers are blooming in the half-dry, half-rainy season. Foods are usually sweet fruits, spicy meats or – inspired by both British and Indian influences – a healthy […]

Bill Krebs from “The Riot” Answers the CRPD Question
Bill “Trouble” Krebs is a self-advocate from Philadelphia who fights for the rights of people with disabilities.  After being diagnosed late in school with a developmental disability, Mr. Krebs fought to be awarded a high school diploma like his peers at the age of 21 and now serves on committees throughout the state of Pennsylvania […]

The View from Georgia
My name is Giorgi Akhmeteli from the Republic of Georgia, and I am the founder of the Georgian organization “Accessible Environment for Everyone” that advocates for the interests of persons with disabilities and aims to contribute to their social integration and to the realization of their fundamental rights to be engaged at each level of […]

Disability Inclusion in the Syrian Refugee Response in Lebanon
By Jagoda Risteska Lately, we hear a lot about the Syrian conflict and all the repercussions it has on human rights. Many people have left their homes, seeking protection as refugees in other countries. I have a friend from Syria, now in the US as a Community Solutions Fellow, who described how dangerous it is […]

50th Anniversary of the March on Washington
50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a courageous group of civil rights leaders to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial here in Washington, D.C. and delivered his now internationally known “I Have a Dream” speech. Last month, the nation and the world tuned in to commemorate that seminal moment in human rights […]

New Human Rights Watch Report on Barriers to Education in China for Persons with Disabilities
By Steven Rodriguez A recent report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) provides insight into the inclusion of children with disabilities in the Chinese education system through their new report “As Long as They Let Us Stay in Class: Barriers to Education for Persons with Disabilities in China.” Despite China being a model for accomplishing the […]

USICD Youth in Development Graduation Speech
Anais Keenon graduated magna cum laude from the University of Oregon in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism: Advertising. After her internship experience at Mobility International USA and free lancing a feature story on people with disabilities in Ghana, Ms. Keenon became inspired to pursue a career advocating for disability inclusion in development work. […]

On Being a Champion of Change
Ki’tay Davidson is a student at American University completing a joint MPA/BA in Public Administration and  Law and Society. More importantly, he is a social justice advocate attempting to be a pioneer of possibility.  His focus is on the incubation of social innovation specific to the realm of international disability policy. Within this pursuit, he […]

Whirlwind of Activity
Chris Hutchinson joins us from Tampa, FL where he recently graduated from the University of South Florida Honors College with two undergraduate degrees; a bachelor of arts in international relations and bachelor of science in public health. Chris is currently working toward a Master of Business Administration from Saint Leo University, which he will place […]

Learning at World Learning
Katie Donahue is completing her Graduate Degree this fall. She is earning a Graduate Degree in Human Development and Leadership with a concentration in International Education Administration. She has previously studied abroad during the summer of 2010 in Seville Spain and had a great experience, which convinced her to pursue a master’s degree in International Education Administration. After […]